Sekrett Scilensce

Multi-Style Musician...

Description: a mysterious "Hired-Gun" (a.k.a. session/live performance) figure of the Music-entertainment universe.

At his core, he's a Piano-Man, a Composer.

He spends all of his tyme in the tool-shed (studio). The chances of catching him on social-media and other distractions are slim. Just be confident in knowing that he'll always be pumping out the best Songs he can.

Check him out. Everything he releases is available for listening, buying, and licensing.

If you make Movies, Supervise Telivision shows, design Video-Games, mobile-Apps, or do any kind of Business-Marketing, get in touch now. You don't have to put money down to start working with Sekrett Scilensce. Get things rolling and see if he can take your vision to the next level!

The rest is for the audience to interpret.


Piano • Synthesizer • Organ • Melodica • Accordion

a.k.a. Piano Electro