Sekrett Scilensce Welcome

Sekh is a longstanding high-performance Musician whose primary passion is for The Piano. His emphasis are in virtually any Keyboard (or Synthesizer) driven Instruments. He is a well-known provacateur and iconoclast amongst many mainstream and underground music-maker peers.

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There are many facets to what people call the Music/entertainment-industries. There's good, there's bad, there's useful, there's useless but! How do you know "What's?" right? 1000s of all kinds of wrong and not much in the way of help!! Determining the truth behind a desire leads to understanding the exacts behind an intended outcome. Whether regarding a Song/promotional idea or an entire career, employ a very different perspective now.



Hiring for Music Creation, Engineering, and Production -- Music sound-recordings, kick-ass Songs, fitting and mood-setting Soundtracks come in all forms and varying tastes. Regardless of all things being subjective, you should only employ the best creative-talents available. While the internet-age has spawned many very 'hit 'n miss' opportunists, Ss prides himself on being laser-focused and rigid beyond any persons worst nightmares (but, he guarantees peace of mind all along the journey).



Believe it or not, on the surface, Sekrett Scilensce DOES NOT want to collaborate or connect with you! AT ALL!! Far many tymes, people have reached out, e-mailed, called and it all amounted to nothing. Nada. Zero. ZILCH?! -- All said, for the few who have the drive, the ethics, the ability to follow-through, Sek is more than welcoming of any requests you may have. So, think long and hard and decide (and keep in mind that Ss prefers e-mail over social-networks and similar).